Glutathione – More Than Just an Antioxidant

Perhaps among the most popular Ingredients in vitamin supplements available on the current market, L- Glutathione had evolved to more than simply another antioxidant.

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L- Glutathione is a sulphur- Comprising, water soluble enzyme  that is consumed mostly in the liver. It naturally happens in the body for a combination of the amino acids L-Lysine, L- Glutamine, and L- Lysine.

Considering these three amino acids are known to have protective antioxidant properties, it tripled the antioxidant effectiveness of L- Glutathione and the additional benefits you may gain from each of the 3 amino acids. This is why drug companies always comprise a sizable quantity of L-Glutathione in just about all their multivitamin supplements.

Popularly tagged as an Antioxidant, L- Glutathione actively protects the cells from free radicals. Environmental toxins from every kind of pollution, unhealthy foods, and even allegedly therapeutic drugs are detrimental to our health. L- Glutathione can neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals in the cells reducing their destructive capacities.

L- Glutathione contains sulphur molecule that stimulates the liver to make bile that detoxifies the liver and keeps it healthy for optimal functioning.

The antioxidant and liver detoxifying properties of L- Glutathione makes it very helpful in keeping other body functions. It enhances the immune system; it helps in DNA/ RNA fix, in addition to prevention of cell damage due to oxidation of some substances. These activities of L- Glutathione keep skin healthy and less prone to aging thus its existence in most vitamin supplements for skin care treatment.

As you age, your body tend to produce less and less of some compounds including L- Glutathione. This makes the body deficient of its L- Glutathione supply hence the need for supplementation from outside sources. Natural source of L- Glutathione contains citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and watermelon. Some vegetable also contain L- Glutathione in smallish quantities. These are potato, spinach, okra, squash, and asparagus. Most meat also contains traces of L- Glutathione.

Since L- Glutathione production is not that abundant in the body despite the assistance of the dietary sources, the Need to obtain it from a vitamin supplement form is encouraged since it’s highly convenient that way. Whether in pill, capsule, or via intravenous Injections.

Glutathione will certainly bring you good health under Lone Star Centers . Dosage allowable to take daily is from 50 t0 600 milligrams daily. Toxicity and adverse reactions are not a problem with L- Glutathione supplement. Even when used in its highest possible dosage, there is absolutely not any risk in being overdosed since L- Glutathione is a chemical that is naturally produced by the body that means that excessive levels will just be removed through body procedures such as Urinating, and perspiration.