Unknown Facts of Golden Circle, Iceland

Overview of the Golden Circle

Unknown Facts of Golden Circle, IcelandThere are tours which have had a good reputation all over the world due to the unique experience they offer. The Golden Circle, Iceland, is one of the most adventurous tours. It is located in Central and South Iceland and is 300 km long. For more information about tour guided trip you can visit https://www.icelandbuddy.com/golden-circle-tour-guide which offer a wide range of tours and information articles about avtivity to do on the golden circle.

The Route

The tour takes the travelers to the Þingvellir National Park and the Gulfoss Waterfall. Typically, Iceland is a country with a lot of geothermal resources- and they double up as tourist attraction sites. In connection to this, a traveler is going to enjoy Haukadalur which has a lot of geothermal activities. Moreover, a tourist has the option of combining the tour with snowmobiling. In such case, the Langjökull glacier is a unique attraction site.

Thingvellir National Park

Unknown Facts of Golden Circle, IcelandThe national park is characterized by geographical events such as the boundaries of the tectonic plates. A geography enthusiasts or student will see the fissures and faults on the extensive ground. There is also a historical and cultural event associated with this area- it is the place in which the Icelandic parliament was founded. Today, the area is a world heritage site (UNESCO, 1994).

The Geyser Geographical Area

Unknown Facts of Golden Circle, IcelandIn Icelandic language, the term geyser means gushing. Here, you will experience sulphur and its smell. In addition to that, there are a number of hot pools that are found in the area. You will enjoy seeing an enormous water jet that goes upto 20 m. Overall, it is a magnificent encounter with the natural world. It is a common scene to see the visitors gathered and waiting in silence, cameras in their hands, as they wait for the eruption and clap cheerfully.

Gullfoss Waterfall

Unknown Facts of Golden Circle, IcelandThe visitors know about it through hearing, and then proceed to see it. It is amazing to see the floating of water, upwards. One can choose a better position through a viewing platform. In addition to that, you definitely need waterproofs because water will reach you.

Kerid Crater

Unknown Facts of Golden Circle, IcelandHistory says that the crater is around 3000 years old. It was formed after an eruption of a volcano which filled it with water. It has steep slopes which are circular in shape, making it attractive to watch. Its worth noting that its caldera is one of the few which are still intact. Parts of the walls have a lot of vegetation. However, one wall is covered in moss, is gentle, and therefore more accessible to walk down and up. Overall, the Kerid crater is a neon lake that sits right in the volcano.


Iceland has numerous companies which can take you through the Golden Circle. One of such tours and travel companies is Mountaineers of Iceland. The advantage with this is that a guided tour means that you are not worried about the logistics of the travel.

However, you can still hire a car. The advantage with this is that you can sight see other unique places before your destination. Whichever the case, packing should be geared towards a king drive, and remember you almost certainly will have many stop-overs.