How to Plan a Successful Trip to Iceland?


How to Plan a Successful Trip to IcelandTravelling to Iceland is an awesome and memorable experience. However, you may find that some things are no easily available. Other items are overly expensive more so compared to the American prices. It is important that you understand the essential things that you need for your Iceland trip.

Iceland can be quite cold sometimes. Having stated that, what you carry with you is largely determined by the month in which you travel to Iceland. In addition to that, Iceland has weather which is pretty unpredictable and this may make your packing task difficult. Read the Iceland Buddy Travel Guide as it might give you some ideas into what you can do in terms of activity and tours when you get there so please take a close look at that and try to find more resources so you are 100% prepared when you go there.


In Iceland, you definitely have to bring layers with you. You can still balance between wearing layers and being classy and elegant. Moreover, there are layers that are portable and are not cumbersome. As stated earlier, Iceland weather is not predictable- and you may have to wear the layers on and off in your itinerary. Then, they have to be packed in an easier way.

Examples of warm clothes include: a woolen sweater, fleece jackets, a scarf, a vest, and chunky knitwears.

Sunglasses and Sunsmart Gear

How to Plan a Successful Trip to IcelandMany people make the assumption that you may never need sunglasses in Iceland. Nothing can be further from the truth. There are sunny moments, even during the winter. In particular, the winter sun is not high in the sky, and the sunglasses come in handy.

Mostly, travelers wear sunglasses only when there is sunshine. However, you will be surprised at the high level of UV rays, sunshine or no sunshine. Carry with you the sunsmart gear and it will come in handy in protecting you from harmful rays.


There is a lot of hot water in Iceland. You might find yourself plunging into a thermal pool. In addition to that, you might visit a warm spring or a lagoon. Having a high quality swim suit is going to help you get an optimal tour experience.

A Medicine Bag

Icelandic weather can be harsh. In that case, you might need cold medicine. Moreover, it is common for travelers to experience travel sickness. In some places, you may not find a pharmacy nearby. Still, some pharmacies may not have all the prescriptions that you need. For example, anti-histamines and de-congestants are not easily available. Therefore, be sure to carry medicine with you.

Other Travel Essentials

How to Plan a Successful Trip to IcelandOther things that can help you have a successful trip include the following:

  • A flashlight: This is very important when you visit dark places. It is also very essential during winter.
  • A power adaptor: This is essential because of charging
  • Have a versatile and nice looking bag with you to carry along
  • Have some plastic bags as part of your luggage
  • A raincoat just in case it rains


In case you forget something, there is no need to panic. There are enough shopping malls in Iceland, for instance, Hagkaup which is found in the Kringlan mall. All the same, it is important that you list down the essentials and have them in your luggage. This is going to save you time as well as money. Most importantly, you are going to enjoy your trip in Iceland.