Most Wondrous Hotels of the World


When you think about the best vacation destinations in the world, you always imagine cities such as New York or Paris. However, there are various hotels in the world worth a visit. Some are rugged, other luxurious, some are creative; others are bold while others are simply unique and beautiful. With that said, here are some of the most wondrous hotels of the world.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Most Wondrous Hotels of the WorldLocated just 12 miles from the city of Nairobi, this is an outstand hotel, which gives guests an opportunity to get up close with giraffes. Nestled on 140 acres of forest land, it was initially set up to be a breeding centre for this elegant species, by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife.

The hotel aims at conserving the habitat of the unique Rothschild Giraffe as well as educating visitors on these lovely creatures. Apart from Giraffes, there are other animals in the resort, which include tropical birds and warthogs.

Caves Resort, Jamaica

Most Wondrous Hotels of the WorldNestled on the cliffs to the south of Negril in Jamaica, this resort is a wonderful oceanfront sanctuary. It is very popular with both tourists and locals. Located on remote and beaten paths, this hotel takes you back, and puts you in close contact with nature.

If you have been looking for pure utopia, you can find it all in the Caves Resort, Jamaica. Overlooking the ocean below, the entire hotel is almost built into the caves. Surrounded by seductive and beautiful beaches, it is truly a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Most Wondrous Hotels of the WorldCommonly known as the Igloo Village, you will understand the reason when get a closer perspective. It is entirely composed of thermal glass igloos that offer unbeatable and majestic views of the Northern Lights. The entire area is completely pollution-free.

Therefore, you can catch clear skies as well as millions of stars each night. You also get an opportunity to view the dancing Northern Lights. Temperatures drop to around -22 Fahrenheit. However, visitors will always remain toasty and warm inside the igloos.

Hotel de Glace, Canada

Most Wondrous Hotels of the WorldThis hotel is unbelievably built from packed snow and ice. They are then sculpted to create this entire masterpiece. However, the hotel melts down due to the summer heat but rebuilt completely during winter. Whether you believe it or not, there is a dedicated team conducting the rebuilding every year. Every year, from January to March, thousands of tourists visit the hotel where they get a chance to sleep on the ice bed or enjoy drinks at the ice bar. All drinks are taken using ice glasses. Others get a chance to exchange their vows in the amazing ice chapel.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort

Most Wondrous Hotels of the WorldThe Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort is ranked as one of the best resorts in the world, and the best in the Maldives. Lush green waters surround the resort, which are filled with manta rays, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and colorful coral reefs. You can view all this from above water or even book a room in the luxurious underwater bedrooms, which are the first in the world.

Bottom Line

Most of these hotels are affordable. Therefore, the next time you are planning a vacation, break away from the traditional swimming pool and spa experience, and visit some of these hotels. Some even have giraffes as breakfast guests!