What Essentials Should Be In Luxury Hotel Room?


What Essentials Should Be In Luxury Hotel RoomThe number of stars associated with a luxury hotel has are not as important as the rooms that it has. It is in the rooms that the guests will spend their night and probably most of their time. The appearance of the room as well as its essentials predicts the experience that a guest will have.

A room with modern and sufficient essentials should have all what the guest needs. Thus, guests do not need to keep on moving in and out of the room to find out different services and needs.

Essentials That Every Luxury Hotel Room Should Have

Current hotels have fitted different essentials in their rooms in order to suit the needs of their guests. The essentials focus on the basic and even classy requirements of the guests according to the standard of the hotel.

These include:

1. Compatible, Sufficient, and Stable Furniture

Guests will enter the luxury rooms while tired of travelling or they travel experiences. Therefore, they will need a rest. Having compatible and stable furniture sufficient for them will enable them to enjoy their rest. These may include: spacious beds with comfortable mattresses, chairs, seats, tables, and even desks. The furniture can also be used by the guests to complete their travel functions such as completing business plan drafts, writing letters, and enable them to use their devices.

2. Classy Toilet

What Essentials Should Be In Luxury Hotel RoomA luxury hotel room should have a spacious, clean, and classy toilet. The toilet should be easy for the guest to use. Preferably, it should have specs such as: 3” flush valve, fully-glazed trap-way, high-efficiency technology, color-matched bolt hole-covers, elongated toilet bowl design, and EverClean surfaces which are designed to prevent build-up of bacteria. Such a toilet will provide a guest peace of mind and an improved experience while using it. Other features of a luxury toilet include the following: a heated seat, deodorizers, a height that is adjustable, and a sensor.

3. Sockets and Plug-in Adapters

Mostly, guests travel with different devices meant for usage during their travel. These include: mobile phones, cameras, computers, and other devices. These devices will need to be recharged or connected to electrical power.

While the guests are in the luxury rooms, they will be able to use their devices. At the same time, they will be able to prepare their devices for the next day usage, for example, recharging or completing different assignments or tasks.

4. Curtains and Rugs

What Essentials Should Be In Luxury Hotel RoomBare windows expose a room to light from outside. Also, bare floors make the room cold and even seem dirty. Therefore, a luxury hotel room requires classy and well-covering curtains and rugs. These keep a room warm and welcoming.

5. Bathroom and Toilet Necessities

These include items such as slippers, bathroom robe, shower cap, towels, and a hot tub. These items enhance the guests to use the room with ease. Without these items, guests will be forced to use their clothes and shoes in the toilet and bathroom. This might not be suitable for them.

6. Free and Fast Wi-Fi

Nowadays, Wi-Fi has turned into a basic need in the hotel rooms. Guests want to connect with their families back at home. They also want to access the Google Maps, understand the area, and watch or read news online. Others who are involved in business travels may need to connect with different business platforms. Therefore, Wi-Fi serves to fulfill this purpose.


A luxury hotel room should be a place where a guest can spend his/her day or night without necessarily moving out in search of different services. Including all the necessary and modern essentials in a hotel room makes the guests’ experience better and more engaging. Normally, guests highly appreciate these services.