Why Is Emirates Palace The Most Luxurious Hotel?


Why Is Emirates Palace The Most Luxurious HotelOpened in 2005, The Emirates Palace is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Owned by the Abu Dhabi government while managed by the Kempinski Group, it sits on more than a kilometer of private beach. It is surrounded by more than 85 ha of lawns and gardens, as well as 114 domes, which are 80 meters high. It is believed that the hotel was built by more than 20,000 people at a total cost of approximately $2 billion. However, what makes it stand out? Of course, it is not the gardens.

The Surroundings

Why Is Emirates Palace The Most Luxurious HotelThe adjacent surroundings feature more than 6000m² of pure 22-carat gold leaf. Moreover, there are more than a thousand Swarovski crystal chandeliers. Here you will find some of the largest in the world. One of the biggest domes in the world is also found in this luxurious hotel. In fact, this dome is higher than that of the St. Peter’s Basilica.

To maintain the luxury, machinery, and human labor are needed round the clock. Approximately 130 kitchens, operated by more than 300 kitchen staff, are needed to service the 13 main restaurants in this palace. In total, the hotel has employed more than 2,500 staff. Each guest is allocated 3 staff members, to make sure that their needs are timely and sufficiently taken care of. This includes ferrying the visitors around the beautifully landscaped gardens using a golf cart. To ensure there is no overcrowding, The Emirates Palace is served by 140 elevators.

The Luxury

The luxury does not stop at the service and surroundings. Albino caviar, which is a very rare commodity, can be found in this resort. Each year, there are only 6 kilograms, which are available worldwide. Two of the 6 kilograms are found here. Each kilo costs approximately $40,000. All buildings are lined with blue neon lighting.

The Rooms

Why Is Emirates Palace The Most Luxurious HotelOrdinary visitors can secure a room for around $500 per night. However, this is the ordinary version of the hotel. It is characterized by local men roaming they lobby, wearing their keffiyehs and dish-dasha. Women wear black robes and head scarves. Live soft piano music plays nearby, as you enjoy the surroundings.

The lobby features more than 8,000 date palms, going as high as 26 feet. There is also a Gold ATM Machine. Room keys are shaped like ancient gold coins. Each guest suite is 590 square feet, furnished with gold and beige upholstery. Each room also comes with a private balcony. Each bathtub is finished with marble, and can accommodate two people at a time. Champagne is delivered by the floor butler, and you take it from there.

The Royalty Rooms

If you are Hollywood royalty, of course you will not live in the ordinary rooms. There is always a special package for such visitors. Instead of arriving by cab, you will be flown here first class. After that, you are given a comfy room to rest and relax. For $11,200 per night, you get to live like a king or queen. The top floor is reserved for the Six Royal Rulers. No one else has access to these rooms, apart from these rulers of the Emirates.

Bottom Line

It’s always good to give yourself a luxurious treat once in a while. As long as you can afford it, The Emirates Palace will always make you feel like a king or queen. Real royalty is what you experience here.