Top Things to Do In Kathmandu


Top Things to Do In KathmanduThe City of Kathmandu hosts vast cultures and social heritage. It has gems like the famous Durbar Square which is a home for Hindu temples and cultural heritage reserved since the 12th Century. The city is the home for the Royal Palace, Pashupatinah Temple, and the Narayanhiti

Palace Museum

Thus, Kathmandu City has an ample environment for tourist activities and experience for individuals and even families. Visiting the city will offer you a chance to enjoy the cultural heritage and the Hindu religion.

What to do in Kathmadu City, Nepal?

Being the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is the center for many activities such as trade, entertainment, education, culture, and religion. Many Nepali citizens gather in the city to showcase or even observe different talents and practices respectively. Also, there are many sites which attract many visitors throughout the year. The following are some of the things that you will enjoy doing in Kathmandu.

1. Experience the Hindu and Buddhism Religions

Top Things to Do In KathmanduSince the 12th Century, Kathmandu has been the center of Hindu and Buddhism religion for the people from Nepal and even people from India, China, and Tibet. Many people gather in the temples of Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinah and SetoMachhendranath for religious activities. Also, the city is the center for Buddhism religion in places such as ItumBahal.

2. Visiting the Chitwan Park and the Himalaya Mountains

Top Things to Do In KathmanduThe Chitwan Park is situated a few kilometers away from the Kathmandu City. Here, you have a chance to watch the nature and different types of wild animals. At the same time, Nepal is the home for the famous Himalaya Mountains of the Everest region – 8,000 meter peaks. The mountains and the park are only a few kilometers away from Kathmandu.

3. Enjoy the Cultural Heritage In Kathmandu

Top Things to Do In KathmanduCulture is the center of all activities done in Kathmandu. The city has numerous cultural grounds which are normally used to showcase different cultural practices, leadership function, religion, and even talents. The Narayanhiti Museum is used to portray the culture in form of arts as well as practices that have been in place at Kathmandu since the 12th Century.

4. Visit the Indra Chowk

Top Things to Do In KathmanduIn Kathmandu, you can trek across a busy street that connects MakhanTole with Indra Chowk. Here, you can buy Nepal treasures, art paintings, cultural garments, jewels like bangles, necklaces, and beads, and even clothes for you to familiarize with the weather at Kathmandu. at Indra Chowk, several festivals normally take place. These events are interesting to watch. You can also shoot videos with the friendly actors.

5. Hiking and Camping in the Annapura Region

Top Things to Do In KathmanduRight from tranquil Pokhara, you can easily get to the Annapura region and also the sacred Fish Tail Mountain. Here, you can walk for over 10 days without completely visiting the whole area. The region has mountains such as Hiunchuli and Machapuchare which are 6,440 and 6,993 meter peaks respectively. Thus, you can have an area suitable for hiking and camping.


Kathmandu is a center for tourist attraction. Nepal is continuously recovering from the earthquake that struck the nation in 2015. The city hosted 116,518 tourists since the beginning of 2016. The strategies employed by the nation to recover from the earthquake have attracted many visitors due to increased security.

Why Should you Visit Boudhanath (Stupa), Kathmandu?


Why Should you Visit Boudhanath (Stupa), KathmanduThe Boudhanath stupa is known to be the holiest temple grounds in Kathmandu. Over the years,the temple has remained active after it was declared a UNESCO world heritage in 1979.The temple is also known as Boudha Chorten Chempo. It has a diameter of 120 meters. Therefore, it is the largest temple and sacred ground in Nepal.

Boudhanath stupa is built to take an octagonal shape. It is also fitted with prayer wheels which surround it. Also, from the interior, the temple is decorated with hanging cloths which are in a wide variety of colors.

Why is it Necessary to visit Boudhanath in Kathmandu?

The Boudhanath stupa temple is decorated with fire, colors, and water. Also, there are several Boudha monasteries, priests, and servants who live in the temple. Therefore, the temple remains a holy ground and the utmost center for Buddhism religion. Here are some reasons why you should find it interesting to visit this temple:

1. The Center for Buddhist Community

Why Should you Visit Boudhanath (Stupa), KathmanduBoudhanath stupa hosts different religious ceremonies for the Nepal and Tibet people. Also, people from India and China visits the temple for Buddhism religious practices. It has over 50 monasteries and servants living there.

It also has Tebetan artifacts shops which have different items such as clothing, beads, bangles, and others meant for Buddhist religious purposes. Visiting the temple will let you experience the religion. For those belonging to or willing to join Buddhism, the temple gives them a chance.

2. The Temple acts to Represent Unity and Peace

By visiting the temple, you will be enlightened about the unity of the Nepal and Tibetan people and about the peace existing in the region. Different ceremonies done in the temple involve all the people in the temple. Also, some activities involve the whole city of Kathmandu.

Boudhanath temple is decorated with water, fire, colors, and the uniformity of the monks and servants. This acts as a symbol for the religion. The symbolism may not be available in other places away from Nepal. Thus, this is why many people visit the temple for the real experience.

3. Seeking Monks Blessings

As a religion, Buddhism is associated with prayers and holiness. There are beliefs of luck, miracles, and healing associated with Buddhism. Also, the religion is known for unifying people and bringing peace among communities. Being the ultimate ground for Buddhist religion, Boudhanath is the best place to seek blessings associated with the religion.

4. Visit the Boudhanath Area

At the Boudhanath stupa region, there exist friendly and interacting people. These include: shop owners, other visitors, monks and nuns, and pilgrimages. These people conduct different practices together during their pilgrims such as chanting the Ommani Padme Hum or spinning the prayer wheels.

They observe these practices strictly and on daily basis. Thus, there are many things to learn including culture, social skills, different language, and religious beliefs. You can also buy yourself different religious items from the shops nearby the temple.


Boudhanath stupa is the main destination for Buddhism followers. It is also an interactive place for people who want to experience different culture and religion. At Boudhanath, you will be able to learn more about Buddhism religious practices. At the same time, you will engage in interaction with other people including the temple’s monks and nuns.