Best Destinations to Visit in Europe


Europe is a magical mix of places and people. It is also the most-travelled continent in the entire world. This can mainly be attributed to cheap international flights especially between the European countries. If you are planning a vacation or a trip, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the destinations, since there are so many lovely places.

Zadar, Croatia

Best Destinations to Visit in EuropeZadar is one of the best vacation destinations in Europe. It is a lovely city, combining modernity and tradition. There is so much to do in this beautiful city. You can either take a stroll along the sandy beaches, watch gorgeous sunsets and meet some very hospitable people. It is more of a historic city, but currently leaning towards modernity.

When compared to the others in Europe, it has a cozy and soft atmosphere. It is safe and quiet while providing a holiday atmosphere with serenity and tranquility. You will enjoy delicious foods and explore some Roman history.


Best Destinations to Visit in EuropeFrance has some amazing cities and destinations, and Nantes is one of them. This seaport city came into being during the reign of the dukes of Brittany. It was chosen as their historical capital city. It boasts a renaissance style castle, unique architectural heritage and a medieval quarter.

You will also find one of the highest cathedrals in the country in this city. Although it has undergone significant transformation over the past few years, it remains vibrant. It is characterized by a high quality of life. It is a city where art has taken over every aspect.

Azores, Portugal

Best Destinations to Visit in EuropeMany people will tell you that Lisbon is where you need to go during your visit to Portugal. However, you need to move away from the busy urban life and head over to the Azores Islands. Located between America and Europe, you will get a chance to enjoy the blue of the Atlantic Ocean, in all its abundance. Azores is a group of islands, each with unique traditions, customs, architecture, and extraordinary natural legacy.

Paris, France

Best Destinations to Visit in EuropeYour European tour is not complete without Paris. It has to be somewhere on the list. It is one of the few legendary capitals in the world. The French capital has taken an active approach towards enhancing its appeal, through constant innovation.

It is a mix of the past and the future. Its amazing symmetrical layout, which was designed by its visionary architects and rulers, goes back to the 19th century. The 21st century Paris is a representation of the future. It is a dream destination for both local and international tourists.

Milan, Italy

Best Destinations to Visit in EuropeMilan has always been a vibrant and interesting city throughout the years. It was initially used as the capital by the western half of the Roman Empire. Local attractions include the imposing marble Duomo, museums, palaces, and churches.

You will also get an opportunity to explore contemporary architecture and art. It is regarded as the most advanced and modern city in Italy. Enjoy the elegance and style, incredible shopping experience and an international flair. Milan is a meeting of fashion and design.

Bottom Line

Europe provides a mix of both modernity and history. Therefore, during your European tour, it is good to enjoy both worlds. That way, you will have a truly refreshing and memorable experience.