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Nepal's international airport is Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu (which also has a domestic terminal for internal flights). This is the only permitted point of entry or departure for foreign visitors travelling by air. On departure, passengers must pay airport tax (rates were Nepalese Rupees 1,100 per adult as at April 2001) and identify their bags after checking them in (on the runway adjacent to the departure lounge).

For information on scheduled flights into and out of Kathmandu, select an option below. For overland and rail connections between Nepal and India, click here. For connections with internal flights, click here. For quotes on cheap airline tickets and online bookings, click here. For other advice or assistance, please ask us. Kathmandu Airport is well served by international airlines.


Flights: Europe - Nepal

Europe to Kathmandu

There are several ways of flying economy from Europe to Kathmandu. The cheaper fares tend to have more stop-overs (eg on runways in the Middle East) and involve more changes of plane - and take longer. Alternatively there are the more comfortable services and more direct routes which tend to cost a little more. Most flights change at a large European hub such as Schiffol, Zurich or Vienna with flights which feed into these hubs from London, Paris, Berlin, Cologne, Dublin, Rome, Brussels, Manchester, Moscow etc. For the budget-conscious, KLM runs a large number of flights on these routes and there is also a hook up between British Airways and Royal Air Nepal. For the more comfort-oriented, Swissair and Virgin offer a better service in our view.

It is possible to break the journey, for example with a one or two day stop-over in Delhi, taking the new Virgin Atlantic service (which is tied-in with Indian Airlines for the onward flight to Kathmandu). The weekly flight from London Gatwick to New Delhi is direct and takes around 8-9 hours. From Delhi on to Kathmandu takes a little over an hour's flight. The food onboard tends to improve as you travel East and if you're vegetarian, eating aboard Indian Airlines is a treat.

Flights: Asia - Nepal

Regional Routes to Kathmandu

Regular flights operate from India, Paro (Bhutan), Lhasa (Tibet), Calcutta, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australasia, Singapore, Malaysia, The Phillipines, Japan, Dohar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The larger regional carriers include Indian Airlines and Royal Air Nepal.


Flights: India - Nepal

India to Kathmandu

Indian Airlines and Royal Air Nepal operate regular services connecting Kathmandu with most major cities in India, including New Delhi, Bombay, Varanasi and Patna. Indian Airlines and Air India also run an extensive network of domestic routes throughout the Indian sub-continent.

Flights: North America - Nepal


North America to Kathmandu

Flights from the East Coast of the US and Canada typically change at London Heathrow or Schiffol, Amsterdam and again in the Middle East.